Nanoshine Group Corp offer s a wide selection of products that were specifically designed for particular surfaces and certain conditions. We adjust each formula to perfectly fit the structure of a substrate and withstand harsh environment : high temperatures, salty air, long - term sun exposure , etc . Yet all the coatings have a common feature – the hydrophobic ity or , in simple words, the ability to repel liquids . Water and fluids bead on the treated surface and simply slip off if , leaving no stains.
Ceramic Pro layer is transparent and very thin, nevertheless, its density does not allow any contaminating substance s or environmental factors to interact with the original material preventing it from oxidation, staining, fading and scratching
Liquid repellent property
Water and liquids can cause damage to materials, for example, expanding wood, staining and creating an environment suitable for bacteria and mold growth. With the Ceramic Pro coating liquids repel instantly, and the original surface rem ains dry and clean. This anti - wetting property works amazingly even on porous materials that normally absorb liquids well.
Barrier for oxidation
Oxygen is the source of life for us and the inevitable cause of rust, patina , and corrosion for most metals. Our coating itself is inert and this is why its interaction with the environment is minimized. Ceramic Pro acts as a buffer between the environment and treated material, keeping it in the original state for a very long time.
Easy maintenance
Sleek and smooth, nanoceramic layer remains clean for a long time – dust particles have nothing to attach to and liquid contaminants slip off the surface in a split second. Maintenance of protected items becomes easy and quick. No more t iresome washing and rubbing and time wasted on cleaning – benefit from the Ceramic Pro self - cleaning effect.
Ceramic Pro is a versatile and multi - purpose lineup. With our protection , your belongings remain brand - new and intact for ages.
Wood is beautiful and sustainable but, unfortunately , it easily gets damaged by humidity, insects, dirt and physical impact like scratching and splintering. Varnishes, lacquers and wood stains deal with these problems, but they often change the natural tex ture and color of this material. A layer of Ceramic Pro, on the contrary, only enhances wood's tone without altering its feel. Protected wood doesn't absorb water and doesn't expand, it is moss - and mold - free and it is even more resistant to fire!
Textile fibers are mostly soft and delicate materials that wear out quickly. Washing detergents, rubbing, dirt and sun exposure speed up fabric's wear and tear . With a nanoceramic coating, any natural or synthetic material becomes water - repellent, meanin g there will no more be stains that are hard to remove. The treated cloth is more durable, always dry and clean.
Over centuries , s tone has proven to be a n excellent building material though it can be counted as a porous one . These pores can accumulate dirt , ruining aesthetic impression. Stone is water - absorbent and it's crucial for long - lasting performance i n colder climate zones . W hen water penetrates stone and freezes overnight, ice crystals expand and bricks, concrete, and limestone may cr ack. When stone's integrity and safety are compromised, nature takes its course, and plants and moss fight their way through solid rock. To prolong the stone's lifespan and unique look, good care, and regular maintenance are required. Our nanoceramic coati ng s are a viable and permanent solution to these issues. Ceramic Pro nano - components simply fill in the pores, creating a water - repellent protective layer on the stone's surface. Its thermodynamic qualities won't change as the treated stone still "breathes " . With our coatings, cleaning and maintenance time are minimized, and this is what makes a real difference.
Most metals get oxidized, and this chemical reaction changes their density, integrity , and color . Even stainless steel isn't always safe from staining! Protecting metals from oxidation and corrosion is one of the vital challenges for various industries and economies. Among numerous existing technologies, Ceramic Pro coatings stand out as a modern and highly - efficient solut ion for metal protection. Being a barrier between the substrate and oxygen, salts , humidity and chemicals, Ceramic Pro significantly slows downs the gradual destruction of base metals , showcasing their original look and gloss