Do you associate ceramics with something that is fragile and breaks easily? This might be true for materials that surround us in everyday life: glass, pottery, and porcelain. But in fact, ceramic components can have various crystal structures and this is what determines their performance and qualities. Ceramic Pro formula, for example, contains SiO2 elements that were nano- modified to create a solid, durable and flexible coating. Quite the contrary to the common misconception about ceramics!
Ceramic Pro products were designed as liquids with long- shelf- life to ensure impeccable and simple application. Liquid nanoceramics easily fill the pores in any material and create covalent bonds with its molecules. After curing, a protective layer crysta lizes and obtains its defensive properties and hardness above 9H. Transforming liquid into solid and fragile into permanent- this is what we call a Progressive Ceramic Coating Technology.
Ceramic Pro product line is versatile and suitable for almost any surface and most aggressive environments. Our coatings do not change natural textures or colors of the substrate but enhance their characteristics, taking them to the next aesthetic dimension. This wow- effect is long- lasting due to the special feature Ceramic Pro generate the hydrophobic effect. The protective layer shows a high contact angle, so liquid beads on its surface and slides down instantly, preventing damage from chemicals and contaminants.