Nanoshine Group is a manufacturer of high-tech multi-purpose protective coatings. Our products can be used in virtually any area of human activity: Light and Heavy Industry, Construction, Transportation, Household protection, Clothing, even Art and many more.
The product line contains protective coatings for various types of surfaces and materials: Metals, Paint, Glass, Alloy, Fabric, Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Stone and so on.
Nanoceramic coatings are based on a unique ceramic molecular compound formula that can be modified to provide effects previously unimaginable. The latest advancements in the technology opened a great number of new opportunities and unexpected solutions to problems that have been a long-lasting issue in various industries. Nanoshine Group is a spear-head in the development of this technology.


Advanced Nano-Ceramic Protective Coatings

Ceramic Pro and Kavaca Industrial have been designed and tested by highly qualified professionals in industrial development with many years of experience. Our research team is constantly focused on new areas where our technology can be used, looking into production processes of various industries.
One of the biggest priorities of Nanoshine Group is the "green" technology. Our coatings are designed with this in mind. As a result, the manufacturing process of our products creates zero emissions and waste. And the coatings themselves help to save water, reduce the use of chemical cleaning agents, reduce the need of maintenance and its frequency (such as repainting of various surfaces), protect surfaces of objects and therefore prolong their lifetime reducing amounts of waste and the need to recycle. Combining all this together and introducing our approach into life on a proper scale makes our technology an idea solution to many problems of modern world and generations ahead.
All Ceramic Pro products have been officially tested and certified by SGS, the world's leading testing, verification and certification entity. This includes compliance to REACH standard of European Union, that proves that Ceramic Pro products are safe for environment and human health.

Our History
- Development and testing of nano-ceramic coating technology based on advanced semiconductor and polymer compound technology
- Launch of the Ceramic Pro line of multifunctional protective nano-ceramic coatings in the automotive detailing market
- Introduction of the flagship product of the line - Ceramic Pro 9H, which becomes the quality standard in the industry over the next decade
- All products under the Ceramic Pro brand receive official certification from SGS, confirming the properties and quality of products. SGS is one of the world leaders in testing and certification
- Added specialized coatings for textiles (and similar materials) and glass to the product line. Ceramic Pro Textile and Ceramic Pro Rain launched
- Ceramic Pro enters into a cooperation agreement with the world's largest club of exotic supercars, ecurie25
- The Ceramic Pro product line is presented to the world public at the Guangzhou International Auto Show. Ceramic Pro begins expansion into new markets
- Improvements in Ceramic Pro 9H and Ceramic Pro Light formulas. Improved protective properties and hydrophobic effect. The competitiveness of Ceramic Pro products increases dramatically
- Ceramic Pro attends the Top Gear Festival in Australia with the launch of the new Lamborghini LP570-4 Performante Spyder
- Ceramic Pro products are actively conquering new markets. A network of distributors and applicators is developing all over the world
- The addition of the Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper - specialized protective coating for discs and calipers
- Launch of Ceramic Pro Cleaner, a universal surface cleaning product
- Ceramic Pro's network of distributors is already represented in 70 countries
- Opening of Ceramic Pro Millionaire's Club premium centers in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Yekaterinburg (Russia), Jiangmen and Beijing (China), Oman, and Dubai (UAE)
- Ceramic Pro products are REACH certified, which confirms their safety for human health and the environment
- Ceramic Pro is presented for the first time at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas (USA)
- Ceramic Pro 9H formula has been improved again to silicon carbide (SiC) technology
- Improved Ceramic Pro STRONG formula. The introduction and testing of this product begin in the oil and gas industry, construction, and other areas
- Improved Ceramic Pro Rain formula
- Launch and real-world testing of the Ceramic Pro Yachtmaster protective coating for the marine industry (Ceramic Pro Marine prototype)
- Launch of the completed version of Ceramic Pro Marine. This product not only offers the protective properties of other nano-ceramic coatings but also provides an environmentally friendly alternative to antifouling coatings for ships
- Launch of Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl and Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Top Coat - systems for protecting vinyl and polyurethane films
- Launch of Ceramic Pro Bravo and Ceramic Pro Squall. Together with Ceramic Pro Marine, they form a separate product line for marine applications
- Presentation of the new range for marine applications at the Singapore Yacht Show
- All Ceramic Pro products receive a new label and packaging design
- Ceramic Pro's distributor network is already represented in 80 countries
- Launch of the original Kavaca Ceramic Coated and Kavaca Instant Healing polyurethane films under the Kavaca brand
- Renovation and rebranding of Ceramic Pro Sport hydrophobic coating to Care+ version
- Launch of the DIY product Ceramic Pro Care
- Added Kavaca Black, Black Matt, Supreme, and Shades to the range of PPF products line
- Development of an advanced technology for the new generation of nanoceramic protective coatings
- Launch of Ceramic Pro ION, the next generation of nanoceramic protective coatings. Ceramic Pro ION is based on Ion Exchange Technology
- Ceramic Pro 9H has been officially certified by the world's most influential air transportation authorities
- Participation in SEMA 2022
- New Box Design for 50ml Bottles in the Marine Industry
- Introduction of the New Nano-Primer Formula
- Launch of the Next-Generation KAVACA ION Film
- Development and Deployment of the KAVACA SMART CUT Film Cutting Software
- Hosting a Business Conference with Prominent Global Distributors in Taiwan
- Participation in the SEMA Show 2023
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