One of the highest priorities of Nanoshine Group
is the development of eco-friendly technologies
  • All our products are safe for the environment and human health, comply with the REACH standard of the European Union and are certified by SGS, the world's leading entity in testing and certification.
  • One of our primary goals is to provide solutions that will allow prolonging the lifetime of surfaces and objects. It means that those will need less maintenance and various chemicals and materials that are required for this as well as less production to replace the units that go out of order due to environmental damage and weathering. Combining this, our technology contributes to global efforts to reduce the consumption and extraction of natural resources.
  • Due to self- cleaning and easy- to- clean effects that are featured by our coatings, washing is required less often. This way our products save water and reduce the usage of detergents and cleaning agents.
  • Performance of Ceramic Pro liquid nanoceramics can be explained by the ability of its nanoparticles to enter pores of the material's surface, forming a chemical bond with the molecules of the substrate. What Ceramic Pro looks like without a microscope is a transparent and glossy layer, a perfectly sleek coat. But Ceramic Pro does not only provide unsurpassed aesthetic effect, but its main purpose is protection.
To top it up, our manufacturing facilities are located in a special "green" zone in Taiwan near Taipei. This would have been impossible if our manufacturing process produced waste or harmful emissions.