The pursuit of knowledge has always accompanied humankind in evolution, leading to numerous inventions that facilitate our life: from primitive stone tools to sophisticated modern technologies. Exploration of our and outer worlds shows that immeasurable is built of minuscule, and the progress of the 20th century let scientists approach well- studied materials and substances from a new angle, the nanoscale.
Nowadays we have the privilege of using natural materials, but with the help of nanotechnology, we can also change them and create new substances that outperform conventional ones. Nanotechnology grants us advanced, yet affordable solutions for everyday life, from high- capacity batteries and super- fast processors to medical supplies and surface protective coatings.
Silicon dioxide or silica is the major component of Earth's lithosphere and, despite being so common, this complex compound is at the core of research and development in nanotechnology. Nanoshine Group Corp has been creating and improving inno vative protective formulas based on SiO2 since 2010 resulting in the Ceramic Pro product line.
Performance of Ceramic Pro liquid nanoceramics can be explained by the ability of its nanoparticles to enter pores of the material's surface, forming a chemica l bond with the molecules of the substrate. What Ceramic Pro looks like without a microscope is a transparent and glossy layer, a perfectly sleek coat. But Ceramic Pro does not only provide unsurpassed aesthetic effect, but its main purpose is protection
Once cured on a surface, Ceramic Pro acts as a long- term barrier against wear and tear and physical damage caused by oxidation, strong chemicals, high temperatures, UV- radiation, dirt, scratches, and stains. Ceramic Pro is a lasting solution for protection as it cannot be washed out and it doesn't decay over time, which makes it a permanent protective shield.